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Product branding and packaging decisions are very important decisions as in the present age of globalization, a large number of brands of various products are available to the consumer to choose and select from. As all brands are not equally liked by a consumer and he selects his brand after a careful analysis of a number of factors associated not only with the product but also the manufacturer, the brand name, the packaging, the price, the contents and also the various other factors.

The marketers of all the competitive brands of a product try to reach to the consumers by the means of marketing communications and appeal them to buy their brand. For making the consumers to take favorable decisions for their products, the marketers need to build strong brands and nourish them overtime so that its market strength is not deteriorated on account of introduction of equally competitive brands by their existing competitors or by the entry of an altogether a new brand with attractive product features including appealing packaging.

Product Branding Branding is personalizing the product by giving it a name. Just as all of us have been given names to have our unique identity in the society, similarity the companies give unique brand names for their products to facilitate their distinction from the competitor’s brands.

Creating Brands For launching new brands and for repositioning existing ones in the contemporary competition driven market demand, an abundance of customer loyalty is required to optimize marketing expenditure.

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